Bone marrow abnormalities detected by magnetic resonance imaging as initial sign of hematologic malignancies

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Ida Sofie Grønningsæter
Aymen Bushra Ahmed
Nils Vetti
Silje Johansen
Øystein Bruserud
Håkon Reikvam *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Håkon Reikvam |


The increasing use of radiological examination, especially magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), will probably increase the risk of unintended discovery of bone marrow abnormalities in patients where a hematologic disease would not be expected. In this paper we present four patients with different hematologic malignancies of nonplasma cell types. In all patients the MRI bone marrow abnormalities represent an initial presentation of the disease. These case reports illustrate the importance of a careful diagnostic follow-up without delay of patients with MRI bone marrow abnormalities, because such abnormalities can represent the first sign of both acute promyelocytic leukemia as well as other variants of acute leukemia.

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