Recurrent juvenile psammomatoid ossifying fibroma with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst of the maxilla: a case report and review of literature

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Sachin C. Sarode *
Gargi S. Sarode
Yashwant Ingale
Manjusha Ingale
Barnali Majumdar
Nilesh Patil
Shankargouda Patil
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sachin C. Sarode |


Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a benign fibro-osseous lesion commonly affecting the extra-gnathic craniofacial skeleton of the young individuals. The psammomatoid and trabecular variants are its two histopathological subtypes having distinctive clinico-pathological characteristics. Secondary aneurysmal bone cysts are frequently reported to arise in the pre-existing fibro-osseous lesions but rarely reported in the psammmomatoid variant of the juvenile ossifying fibroma. Such hybrid lesions, especially massive in size, tend to exhibit a greater aggressive growth potential and higher recurrence rate and mandate complete surgical removal of the lesion along with a long-term follow-up. The objective of this case report was to present a rare incident of recurrent psammomatoid ossifying fibroma associated with a secondary aneurysmal bone cyst in the maxillary jaw bone of a young patient and review the similar published reports in the English literature.

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