Subcutaneous calcification as a supportive radiologic finding for diagnosis of rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis

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Navarat Vatcharayothin
Pornthep Kasemsiri *
Cattleya Thongrong
Chanticha Laohakittikul
Surapol Suetrong
Piti Ungarreevittaya
Nipon Chaisuriya
(*) Corresponding Author:
Pornthep Kasemsiri |


Rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis is an uncommon chronic fungal infection of the head and neck. The diagnosis is usually based on clinical manifestations; however, diagnosis of this infection based on early manifestations is difficult and occasionally rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis is mistaken for other diseases. Therefore, computed tomography is introduced to support the diagnosis. Radiologic findings were nonspecific with swelling of the sinonasal mucosa and perinasal region. However, subcutaneous calcification, that was observed in all our cases, may be a supportive radiologic evidence for diagnosis. The diagnosis should be confirmed definitively using histopathology or fungal culture. Early diagnosis allows prompt and appropriate treatment that will achieve excellent outcomes. We suggest that subcutaneous calcification radiologic finding may guide the aware physician to an early diagnosis of rhinofacial entomophthoromycosis.

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