An unusual infection in an immunocompetent male from a non-endemic area: Lessons from a vacation

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Ritesh Neupane
Munish Sharma *
Divakar Sharma
Rajeev Thachil
Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Gerald Lowman
(*) Corresponding Author:
Munish Sharma |


Primary pulmonary histoplasmosis is found worldwide, and is particularly endemic in some areas of the North America, usually those surrounding the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys. It is not common in the East Coast of the United States, and is in fact, reportable in Pennsylvania. It has been rarely described in immunocompetent individuals residing in a non-endemic region. We present a case of a previously healthy middle-aged male, a Pennsylvania resident, who presented with mid-sternal chest discomfort, fatigue, chills and mild shortness of breath, and was diagnosed with primary pulmonary histoplasmosis.

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