Simple partial status epilepticus manifested as homonymous hemianopsia: a rare intracranial recording

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Anna Siatouni
Stylianos Gatzonis
Andreas Alexopoulos
Nikos Georgakoulias
Mathildi Papathanassiou
Stefanos Korfias
Vaso Zisimopoulou *
Damianos Sakas
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vaso Zisimopoulou |


A 30-year-old woman with intractable seizures evaluated as surgical candidate. During presurgical evaluation an invasive electroencephalogram was recommended to define the location and extent of epileptogenic zone and relationship to epileptogenic lesion. On third monitoring night the patient complained of persistent homonymous hemianopsia following a habitual seizure. Concurrently, persistent epileptic activity was evident in a small, restricted area around the right calcarine fissure. The ictal discharges persisted for the next 30 h despite high-dose administration of intravenous antiepileptic drugs, until patient was taken to operating room. Simple partial status epilepticus presenting with pure visual symptoms is rare and difficult to diagnose, even more so when presenting with negative visual phenomena. Epileptic etiology of unexplained, paroxysmal negative visual symptoms should be considered in the differential diagnosis in patients with pre-existing epilepsy, as well as patients with no prior history of epilepsy.

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