Huge aneurysm of the proper hepatic artery

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Mohamed Amine Attaoui
Rached Bayar
Zeineb Mzoughi *
Sahir Omrani
Lassaad Gharbi
Mohamed Taher Khalfallah
(*) Corresponding Author:
Zeineb Mzoughi |


Hepatic artery aneurysms are rarely diagnosed. It is mainly because of non specific symptoms. They are generally an incidental findings during imaging studies. They are usually detected in the sixth decade, predominantly in men. We report herein a case of an 80 year-old man with a huge hepatic artery aneurysm revealed by abdominal pain and chronic anemia. It was treated by embolisation. Hepatic artery aneurysms are second among visceral aneurysms. They may cause abdominal pain, jaundice and hemorrhagic events.

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