Epidemiology of first epileptic seizures in the northern Aegean island of Lesvos, Greece

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Anastasia Verentzioti
George Stranjalis
Theodosis Kalamatianos *
Anna Siatouni
Damianos E. Sakas
Stylianos Gatzonis
(*) Corresponding Author:
Theodosis Kalamatianos | theodosis.kalamatianos@kcl.ac.uk


We aimed at establishing the epidemiologic profile of first epileptic seizures (FES) in the Greek island of Lesvos. During a 1- year period (01/06/2010 to 31/05/2011), cases of FES admitted to the Lesvos General Hospital/addressed by general practitioners/private neurologists were prospectively identified. A total of 45 cases (30 males and 15 females; mean age ± SD of 59.4 ± 28.4 and 58.9 ± 26.8 years, respectively), were collected. The FES incidence rate was 52.1 (95% CI 37-67) per 105 persons. Provoked and unprovoked FES had an incidence of, 16.2 and 35.9 cases per 105 persons, respectively. Following ageadjustment to the 2000 US census population, incidence rates of FES (all types combined) were, 40.5 (95% CI 28-56) per 105 persons. Cerebrovascular disease (CVD) was the most prevalent etiologic factor. The present findings indicate a low-ranking incidence of FES in the studied population and highlight CVD as a leading causative factor.

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