Disappearance of electrocardiographic abnormalities associated with the arrhythmic pattern of a Barlow disease after surgical mitral valve repair

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Matteo Augello
Luca Lanzarini *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Luca Lanzarini | l.lanzarini@smatteo.pv.it


We describe the case of a 46-year old female with a Barlow’s disease (MVP) characterized by systolic curling of posterior left ventricular (LV) wall + significant mitral annular disjunction + complex ventricular arrhythmias + syncope + inverted T waves in inferolateral leads in whom a successful surgical mitral valve rapair determined the disappearance not only of the echocardiographic but also the electrocardiographic abnormalities (in particular the inferolateral T waves inversion on basal electrocardiogram and the complex basal arrhythmic pattern). This case demonstrates that electrocardiographic abnormalities may disappear after the surgical correction of the mechanical stretch imposed on the inferior LV free wall by the prolapsing mitral valve leaflets. Electrocardiographic changes remain an important and easy marker to recognize for the identification of a high-risk subgroup of MVP patients.

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