Hydrocephalus, a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis

  • Johan M. van Rooijen Department of Internal Medicine, Isala Clinics, Zwolle, Netherlands.
  • Gerritje S. Mijnhout | g.s.mijnhout@isala.nl Department of Internal Medicine, Isala Clinics, Zwolle, Netherlands.
  • Tom T.A. Aalders Department of Neurosurgery, Isala Clinics, Netherlands.
  • R.B.J. de Bondt Radiology, Isala Clinics, Zwolle, Netherlands.


A 36-week-pregnant woman developed a symptomatic hydrocephalus. Chest imaging showed bihilar lymphadenopathy and histological examination of a mediastinal lymph node revealed non-caseating granulomas. After delivery, her neurologic complaints progressed. Placement of a ventriculoperitoneal drain (VPD) did not reduce the symptoms. However, steroids resulted in rapid disappearance of the hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a very rare manifestation of sarcoidosis. The diagnosis relies on the ability of clinicians to recognize this disorder. This case shows how a difference in opinion of the several specialists involved can lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment.


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Case Reports
sarcoidosis, hydrocephalus, neurosarcoidosis.
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van Rooijen, J., Mijnhout, G., Aalders, T., & de Bondt, R. (2011). Hydrocephalus, a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis. Clinics and Practice, 1(3), e66. https://doi.org/10.4081/cp.2011.e66